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Fri, 05, 19

A lot of students agree it’s not the amount of time spent revising that matters but the effort put in....

Revision tips for top grades - with less stress

For thousands of students, it’s the season of exam stress and revision. Students will be putting in long hours to reach their university place offers, so how can they make the best use of their time?

A lot of students agree it’s not the amount of time spent revising that matters but the effort put in. You have to make neuron connections, not massage your brain gently between bursts of social media therapy. Plenty of breaks and the occasional night out helped them to make the most of their hours spent revising.

Take it steady is also the advice from examiners. This can be a stressful time so students should take care of their mental wellbeing as well. Getting that all-important good night’s sleep ahead of the exam and eating a good breakfast on the day really help.

Total recall of the syllabus and churning out what you know will not necessarily secure the high grades, examiners warn. It’s not just what you know but how you use it. Humanities candidates must know how to select the right information to answer the question and be able to analyse and evaluate it. Being able to apply knowledge and formulae to different situations and scenarios is just as important in maths and science subjects.

Revision should be an assault course not a marathon, and past papers can provide the hurdles. Annual examiners’ reports for each subject, which are published on exam boards’ websites, show how previous candidates perform overall and on each question. Some include candidates’ handwritten answers with a commentary on where they gained, or lost, marks. Students can really find such information useful.

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