Elegant and extraordinary - Sanam Saeed

Fri, 12, 18

Always being scared of parents! The biggest tension in those years was getting caught or busted by parents....


Date of birth and star

February 2, 1985; Aquarius

The best thing about being a teenager was

Being carefree.

The worst thing about being a teenager was

Always being scared of parents! The biggest tension in those years was getting caught or busted by parents. There was this constant battle between your rebelliousness and desire to conform and be good.

I was always listening to

Hiphop and rock music; Dave Matthews Band, Coldplay, Biggie, Lauyrn Hill were some of my favourites.

My favourite singer and actor

The Notorious B.I.G (Christopher Wallace); Julia Stiles, Claire Danes

My favourite superhero

Batman; from Val Kilmer to today’s Batman, I like every single Batman, but I think I’m done now.

My favourite movie and book

10 Things I Hate About You; my favourite book has always been To Kill a Mockingbird (I read it in my O Levels and ever since I am hooked) and also Little Women.

My closet was full of

Jeans and t-shirts! And a lot of flared pants, checkered shirts, kurtis

My friends were

Nerdy, popular, artsy, and some were older than me. A lot of my pals were the boys in my grade. 

I had my rapport with different cliques and I think that was the really fun part of school; I never restricted myself to just one particular group. I tried to be friends with everyone and was able to fit in.

What hurt me the most was

My first breakup! I was 18 or 19 at that time.

My dream was to become

An actor (like a western Broadway actor).

I wish I had known then

The importance of learning to play an instrument. I wish I had taken up music while I was in school as an extra class or at least picked up some instrument.

Relations with family were

Great! I got good grades and finished all my school assignments and took part in extracurricular activities so my parents never had any issue regarding school. But I was a little rebellious and I broke rules at home a little bit. I used to hide things from my brother and sister and always kept them separate because I was the elder one. My little sister would always have my back and my brother and I would get into trouble all the time.

My favourite and least favourite subjects were

Favourites were Biology, Literature and Islamiyat because I had the best teachers for these subjects; I didn’t enjoy studying Maths and Pakistan Studies.

I couldn’t stand

Lazy, bratty, bossy and mean kids. Teenagers can be very mean at times and it really affects your self-esteem if is not tackled properly.

My favourite and hangout

I don’t think we liked to go out that much! But Copper Kettle and Pizza Hut were places where we would go.

My favourite sports were

Swimming and basketball

Things you couldn’t live without

Friends, music and work (I have been working since I was 16)

-By S.G