MOTORCYCLE Girl urges yo to chase your dream

By Buraq Shabbir
Fri, 05, 18

Cinema is an important and powerful medium to bring about change as it can tackle serious issues.....


Cinema is an important and powerful medium to bring about change as it can tackle serious issues in a subtle way along with a fair share of entertainment for viewers. A movie is considered impactful if it leaves you with something to reflect on once it’s over and very few movies manage to achieve that status. While Pakistani cinema is still struggling to make a mark, it is encouraging to see filmmakers trying their hands on diverse themes and genres and offering strong content. Earlier this year, Asim Abbasi’s Cake stood out due to its compelling narrative while Adnan Sarwar’s Motorcycle Girl, released last month, packs quite a punch.

Following the life of Pakistan’s first female motorcyclist, Zenith Irfan, Motorcycle Girl is about chasing one’s dreams despite all odds. Zenith travelled across Pakistan solo on a motorbike in a desire to fulfill her dead father’s dream, which eventually becomes her only dream in life. Starring Sohai Ali Abro as the protagonist, Zenith, the film highlights issues that confront most young women in Pakistan who have some goals in life beyond getting married.

Since Zenith’s father is no more with them, she has to face all sorts of behavior from people around her - at workplace, while commuting and on other instances. However, once she decides on taking up the challenge and doing what her father dreamt of, she doesn’t pay heed to what others think of her. With the support of her mother and a younger brother, she embarks on a solo journey to Khunjerab on her motorcycle and discovers a completely different side of life.

She is brave, she is confident and, above all, she is determined to go for it no matter what. She faced criticism from her extended family as well as from society but she didn’t let any of these affect her decision. This is the kind of determination and strength our youth needs if they really want to achieve their goals in life. Instead of being inconsistent and lacking the confidence to follow their dreams, they need to realize that determination and courage is the key while giving up should not be an option.

If we take a look at young people around us today, they have very little patience to face the challenges that life throws at them while striving to achieve something. They want quick results without even putting in the desired efforts and hard work it requires which is impractical. There are hurdles, failures and even criticism of various sorts but this is what one needs to learn to cope with in order to reach their final destination.

Coming back to the film, Zenith not only dreamt big and attempts to achieve that, but also faces her fears with courage. She fights a battle with herself and survives till the end, becoming a stronger, more confident and fearless person, compared to what she used to be earlier. More power to all those who are strong and consistent enough to pursue their dreams, despite all odds.