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Loved the article “Vomiting thoughts” by Unsa Athar (27 April). It takes great courage to talk about depression....


Hello Editor,

Loved the article “Vomiting thoughts” by Unsa Athar (27 April). It takes great courage to talk about depression. Most of us treat it as mood swings that would get better with time. I mean who cares if you are feeling gloomy 24/7! We should learn to handle depression on our own.

Ayesha Malik, Rawalpindi

Hello Ed!

“Ways to super slumber” by Usama Rasheed (27 April) was an informative read. I agree with Usama that having too much caffeine and smoking cigarettes can disrupt your sleep. Nerds and students who love studying all the time should sleep for at least eight hours a day. And yes, mobile phones should not be used before going to bed as they can make us dizzy and interrupt our sleep. Such a good read!

Alishba Rahman Jadoon, Abbottabad

Dear Eddy,

One of my fondest memories from college days is sprinting to the gate to pick up the daily newspaper on Friday. I would take out Us magazine and leave the rest of the paper on the dining table for my grandfather. For an hour or two in the college, I would enjoy reading the magazine; I would even share jokes and articles with my friends in the college.

Now we don’t get the magazine at home because it’s not available at the newspaper stand near my house; I only get a chance to glance through it on Facebook. I really miss those days.

Shaheen Shayad, Karachi

Hello Ed,

S.Z’s article about menstrual cups felt awkward at first but then I began to realize the significance of this new method and why chemically treated pads and tampons should be replaced by this eco-friendly alternative. But don’t you think girls will have a hard time understanding this method?

Volunteers and representatives from “Recircle” should visit colleges and universities to educate girls about it.

Thanks for this informative piece!

Bina Farhan, Sheikhupura

Salam Ed,

Healthwise section was a great read! Us should regularly publish write-ups on health-related topics. I thought I should also share an idea with you guys.

I’m a college student who wakes up at 5 in the morning, and my van picks me up at 6:30. My eyes twitch and I am unable to concentrate in the class. Everybody says I should sleep early, but I can’t sleep before midnight because I have to finish homework. In the West, educationists and researchers are talking about sleep problems teenagers face and why educational institutes should rethink their timings. Please do write about this topic with reference to our Pakistani context.

Rayan Jawaid, Karachi


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