September 8, 2017
By US Desk

I enjoy reading “My Teenage Years”, but it’s not often that you indulge us. I think that you should have this section at least twice a month.


Hey Ed,

I enjoy reading “My Teenage Years”, but it’s not often that you indulge us. I think that you should have this section at least twice a month. And, in addition to TV and movie stars, we would like to read about the teenage years of our national heroes like Sarfraz Ahmad (Capt) (Wk), Fakhar Zaman, Ahmed Shehzad, etc.

Baqir Anwer, Rawalpindi

Hello Editor,

Really enjoying Iqra Asad’s monthly story! I really like the way she builds up tension in the story and crafts witty dialogues to give readers a complete understanding of what is going on in the lives of the characters.

I think Leena is overprotective and dominating; she can guide Inaya and give her advice on how to limit her “side-adventures” but the way she is interrogating her sister is totally unacceptable. Imagine if your sister or brother says this to you, “Unlock the phone, smartypants!”, how annoyed you would feel.

I have noticed when elders ask too many questions, young people get into “defense mode”; then, they lie and do things secretly which is even more harmful for them.

Another thing is I was waiting to hear about Jasir’s reality TV show adventure and Inaya’s dropout tragedy, but couldn’t find anything about them.

The writer should now quickly get to these conflicts otherwise the readers who are following the story would lose grip over the plot.

Thanks Us magazine for the “Hackschool Project” which is a beautiful addition to the magazine.

Sameena Khan, Bahawalpur

Dear Ed,

I have been reading Us for a long time, and have always admired it for the variety it offers. Your new initiative where you interview head of departments is good, but what I really want to read is about different career options that are available to students in addition to the ones already done to death. Yes, I mean medicine, engineering and journalism.

Zohaib Ali, Lahore

Why stop aging?

Hi Ed,

I have seen many young people buying “anti-aging” beauty products; they think these products would keep their skin wrinkles-free and glowing.

Recently, a US beauty magazine, Allure, announced that they wouldn’t be using the expression “anti-aging” as this reinforces the message “that aging is a condition we need to battle”.

Being a language student, I truly believe in the power of language. The word “anti-aging” puts so much pressure on the people that your attention is automatically drawn towards products with “anti-aging” label on them. As a result, you end up wasting a lot of money and time.

Magazines and newspapers in Pakistan should also stop using words and expressions that reinforces wrong messages. I really appreciate Us magazine for using “his/her” in the articles and not just “his”.

I hope people realize that language matters and by just making few changes in the language we use, we can also change the mindset.

Farhana Hameed, Lahore


Hi Ed,

My friend would like to send his artwork to Us magazine. What’s the procedure?


You can send the scanned copies of the artwork to [email protected]


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