A guide to self-fulfilment

By Ayesha Arif
Fri, 05, 23

The Greatness Guide, and The Leader Who Had No Title, and have been published in over 92 languages, making him one of the most broadly read writers alive today....

A guide to self-fulfilment


Book: Little Black Book for Stunning Success

Author: Robin Sharma

Reviewed by: Ayesha Arif

Little Black Book for Stunning Success is a fascinating book published in 2017, written by well-known author Robin Sharma, who is a globally respected humanitarian. Widely considered one of the world’s top leadership and personal-optimisation advisors, his clients include famed billionaires, professional sports superstars, and many Fortune 100 companies. The author’s international bestsellers include The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, The Greatness Guide, and The Leader Who Had No Title, and have been published in over 92 languages, making him one of the most broadly read writers alive today.

Little Black Book for Stunning Success contains short write-ups which will help you achieve your goals. This book is not about performing great acts; it is about doing simple things which will automatically come together into something big.

It is quoted in the book, “Inside every problem lies a precious opportunity to improve things.” If you call a stumbling block a “problem” or a big mess, you will create a different emotional state within you than if you call the issue an “opportunity” or a challenge that will only make you better.

When speaking about focus, the author says that one of the primary reasons that people and organisations fail to achieve greatness is that they try to do too much. The writer uses the quote that “a man who wants to chase two rabbits catches neither”. The most successful human beings are focused. They have a very clear picture of what they want to create and then they have the discipline and courage to stick to their mission.

The author says you must have heard thousands of times that you become what you think. The actions you take each day create the result of your life. Every action you take has been preceded by a thought; what you focus on drives your reality. A person will never act in a way bigger than his thoughts. If you think you deserve the best, your actions will reflect that confidence.

The author’s writing is always simple and easy to understand. Each topic begins with life changing examples and ends with inspiring quotes.

This book is full of motivational statements which inspired me a lot, but one thing that bored me was the repetition of statements like: our thoughts shape our reality, the power of words, your environment becomes you, and the power of daily practices. We already know about these things; the author needs to define them deeply and explain why they are important for us. Some of the topics end within four lines, which made it confusing and a bit difficult for me to understand what the author actually is discussing. Still, I would love to recommend this exhilarating book. It tells you to do legendary work and live your life with remarkable success.