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Guru, how should I motivate myself to reach the finish line, feeling accomplished?


Dear Guru,

I am a 24-year-old girl. I am majoring in social work with education and mass communication as subsidiary subjects, and am in the final year of my master’s programme.

Guru, this might sound ridiculous, but I don’t have any motivation left for studying my chosen subjects. I literally have to drag myself to attend classes.

Actually, my percentage in the college was too low for any science subject, so I had to go for social work. To me, it seemed like a better idea to get a degree in any subject than to just live without a degree.

After getting into the university, I got to study with some of the best teachers, who were passionate social workers themselves and were associated with various charity-based and welfare organizations. It was truly inspiring to see them work so hard for humanity. They engaged us in practical work; gave us interesting tasks to perform with our classmates. I felt at peace and thought that I was heading in the right direction.

But as the third year approached, teachers changed and we were under teachers who were focused more on the theoretical side of social work. Most of my classmates switched to other subjects, thinking social work would not land them good jobs in the future.

I am also under a lot of peer pressure to switch subjects in order to find better jobs in the future, but now I am in my final year and it doesn’t sound reasonable to quit at this time. I think I will just end up wasting all these years. Guru, how should I motivate myself to reach the finish line, feeling accomplished?

A Lost Student

Dear Lost Student,

It is very natural to feel insecure when everyone around you is going in different directions and you are the only one left. So let’s just dive straight into the solution of your problem. But, before that, you should remember that you enjoyed social work when your teachers taught it well in the first two years of your master’s programme, which shows you have the passion for your chosen line of work, so you must not quit right now. Do get your degree in social work since you are so close to the finish line! Switching subjects isn’t a bad thing at all, but it should be done at the right time or only when you have completely lost interest in the subject you are studying.

Regarding the feeling of accomplishment after an MA in social work, I can only say that social work is a very relevant field of study in these times. There are so many welfare organizations, special schools, and NGOs that actively hire professional social workers. You should connect with people already working in such organizations and volunteer at different places whenever you can to stay updated. Check out places like Indus Hospital, Aman Foundation, Kiran Foundation, etcetera.

Plus, in the corporate sector as well, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities take place on a regular basis; companies hire specialised teams who take care of the CSR department.

So, finish what you started and be proud of your learning.

Good Luck!

Dear Guru,

I am a 13-year-old girl. I am the only child of my parents, and was quite protected. As a result, I am quite shy by nature and don’t make friends easily. Right from grade 1, I had just two friends and I love them both very much. Guru, my father has been transferred to Karachi and I am very scared. I will go to a new school with no friends. How will I survive?

Frightened Violet

Dear Frightened Violet,

It’s all right to feel a bit scared because you will be joining a new school and will not have your friends to support you. But, my dear, you are a big girl now, and just need to show to your new class fellows that you are friendly and good natured. When you meet your new class fellows, introduce yourself and smile at everyone. Usually, girls are very friendly and welcoming and very soon you will adjust in your new school. Just be brave and confident, and be nice, and you will never lack friends.

Good luck

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