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I understand his point of view, but I want to become a doctor with all my heart. How can I convince my father to help me realise my dream?


Hi Guru!

I am employed in a very prestigious organization of public sector and want to pursue my higher studies. I have done LLB and want to attempt Bar Transfer Test (BTT). This test is a kind of facility given by the UK to its common law countries for transferring bar to England and Wales. Unfortunately, the eligibility criterion is that one must have a practising licence, which I am unable to get due to my government job. Currently, I am drawing a handsome amount and am unable to quit the job.

What should I do in this situation?


Dear Anonymous,

If your family needs your financial support, it is understandable that you cannot quit your job just like that. If you really want to take BTT, you will have to give up your government job and do what is necessary in order to get your practising licence. A government job is not easy to come by, but if your reason for not wanting to give up the job is only because you are getting a handsome salary, think again; sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward. However, you should be clear about what you want most. Think carefully, and make a list of pros and cons, then make a decision. In case you decide to leave your current job, it would be better to look for another job before quitting it. Once you get a job in the private sector, you will be able to continue to support your family and follow your dream. Just remember: those who dare win, but with proper planning. Good luck

Dear Guru,

I am a 17-year-old girl, and am a first-year pre-medical student. I am from a low-income family, and have two older brothers who are university students. Guru, my father has told me that he cannot afford to bear my expenses of med school because the major share of his salary is spent on my brothers’ education. My father thinks my education is less important as my brothers would be the ones to support him and my mother in their old age. He said even if he gets a loan for my fees and other expenses, it would be useless for him because I will get married and my income will not be my own to spend. I understand his point of view, but I want to become a doctor with all my heart. How can I convince my father to help me realise my dream?

Desperate Student

Dear Desperate Student,

Sending children to college is becoming more and more expensive for lower and middle class parents. Your father’s quandary is unfortunate, but understandable. He has limited financial resources and wants to invest wisely, but what he should be made to understand is that putting only sons through college is not fair as daughters deserve to be given the same despite financial problems. Your brothers should find part-time jobs to ease your father’s burden. The money that is saved in this way can be saved for your education. My dear, many students work and pay their university fees nowadays, and I am sure your brothers can do the same. You can also consider giving tuitions to students to earn money that you can start saving for your fees. According to Islamic injunctions, looking after parents in their old age is the responsibility of both sons and daughters, so investing in a daughter’s education is also very important. Let your father see how passionate you are about becoming a doctor. Also, tell him that as a daughter you would always love and support your parents, and girls do it even when they have families of their own. I am sure once your father realizes how important it is for you, he will do his best to send you to med school. Just one word of caution: best laid plan can go awry, so in case despite all your efforts you cannot get into a public medical college, have an alternate plan. Instead of becoming depressed, go for some other field related to medicine. Good luck

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