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Fri, 11, 22

I am sure you are going to do something about it....



Dear Eddy,

I really miss ‘On Campus’ issues. There used to be articles related to university life, and interviews of professors and teachers that I always found helpful. Even the ‘Comic Relief’ was education related! I am sure you are going to do something about it.

Nusrat Hussain, Lahore

Hi Editor,

‘Poets’ Corner’ is my favourite page. I am a literature student and I really enjoy studying poetry. William Blake and Alice Walker are my favourite poets. I would suggest you publish Alice Walker’s poem ‘I said to Poetry’ in ‘Poems forever’ segment. It is great that Us magazine encourages young poets to write poetry, but I would say young poets should critically read great poets along with writing their own poetry as it would help them polish their pieces.

Amna Ameer is a very gifted poet and I think she will become a great poet if keeps the momentum going.

Zahid Naseer, Lahore

Dear Ed,

I remember Us magazine published a beautiful story on the Inktober challenge last year. But this time I didn’t find anything related to it. I also miss seeing art work on the last page of the magazine. I would keep the paintings I really liked and paste them on my wall. Hamid Gulistan’s paintings were always amazing.

Shaheena Qureshi, Karachi

Hi Editor,

Hammad Shoaib’s interview was very interesting. I also watch his dramas and would say that he is doing amazing as a new young artist. I think his advice sounds very appropriate in our current times. One shouldn’t compare oneself with others and just focus on our own progress. This is exactly what young people are doing these days; instead of working on themselves, they focus on what others are achieving. And if they don’t accomplish what their peers or influencers have accomplished, they feel disappointed.

Farah Khan, Bahawalpur



Narrated Anas (R.A):

It was said to the Prophet (SAW) ‘Would that you see `Abdullah bin Ubai.’ So, the Prophet (SAW) went to him, riding a donkey, and the Muslims accompanied him, walking on salty barren land. When the Prophet (SAW) reached `Abdullah bin Ubai, the latter said, ‘Keep away from me! By Allah, the bad smell of your donkey has harmed me.’ On that an Ansari man said (to `Abdullah), ‘By Allah! The smell of the donkey of Allah's Messenger (SAW) is better than your smell.’ On that a man from `Abdullah's tribe got angry for `Abdullah's sake, and the two men abused each other which caused the friends of the two men to get angry, and the two groups started fighting with sticks, shoes and hands. We were informed that the following Divine Verse was revealed (in this concern): ‘And if two groups of Believers fall to fighting then, make peace between them.’ (49.9)

Sahih Bukhari 2691, Vol. 3, Book 53, Hadith 2


Lubna Khalid


Shermeen Zuberi

Tooba Ghani

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