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Zeeshan Parwez’s Rokhan Studio releases video on coronavirus

Instep Today
By Maheen Sabeeh
Sat, 03, 20

Upon returning to Pakistan, Zeeshan Parwez did a number of things including directing a music video for RockLite and Atif Aslam and taking on the role of video producer for Coke Studio 12; he also announced that a Sajid and Zeeshan Parwez single will be created.

But perhaps the most important thing Zeeshan has done is start Rokhan Studio, which is described as a “creative boutique production company that is passionate about creating meaningful stories and content through multiple mediums.”

Under Rokhan Studio, Zeeshan Parwez has directed a video catering to the narrative of aerial firing and just recently, among others and with coronavirus spreading, he has made a video where the narrative is about one subject: washing hands.

Since its release, the story-based video that is conceptualized by Fasi Zaka with voiceover by Sarmad Ghafoor and direction by Zeeshan himself has gone viral. Asked by the health minister to play a role, the video in Pushto has an Urdu version also releasing. It has been appreciated by everyone from the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, to music director and soon-to-be-actor Azaan Sami Khan.

Speaking to Instep, post-script, Zeeshan explained that he wanted to do his bit and at the behest of the health minister, he fixated the video on a single part of precautionary cautions that needs to be taken seriously: washing hands and explaining coronavirus in animated form.

For Zeeshan Parwez, the purpose, despite being endorsed by the PM, is not glory or fame. He just wanted to help and making videos is perhaps the best way Zeeshan can do his bit ahead of many others who make coronavirus videos but don’t have a narrative that will reel a viewer into the necessity of (a) watching the video and (b) follow what it is trying to show. From the iconic Fasi Zaka, the underrated Sarmad Ghafoor and Zeeshan Parwez, the video can be viewed at Studio Rokhan’s Twitter page, among other mediums; it is truly one of the best and most sincere efforts to make the populace aware of the dangers of not following precautions. Bravo.