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Luxury brands play a responsible role

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Fri, 03, 20

Guerlain, Givenchy and Christian Dior, owned by Louis Vuitton, producing hand sanitizers; Met Gala postponed indefinitely, confirms Anna Wintour.

French luxury brands step up as coronavirus death toll rises in France. 

Like everything else, the global fashion world is not immune to the effects of coronavirus. Fashion’s biggest, most elaborate day in USA, that is The Met Gala, where fashion designers rub elbows with movie stars, music royalty and sports legends, has been shelved. The Met Gala is not going ahead this year – for now.

Originally planned to take place on the first Monday of every May, this year the date being May 4 (Monday) of 2020, the fashion gala and exhibit, like many others, has been rescheduled.

Earlier this week, Anna Wintour announced through Vogue that the event has postponed indefinitely. The Metropolitan Museum of Art made the decision based on the fact that two of their employees showed signs of coronavirus.

Local brand Conatural has a range of sanitization products

While writing about COVID-19 (and why she supports Joe Biden) in Vogue, Wintour noted: “One day that will not arrive on schedule will be the opening of the Costume Institute’s exhibition, About Time. Due to the unavoidable and responsible decision by the Metropolitan Museum to close its doors, About Time, and the opening night gala, will not take place on the date scheduled.”

However, those so inclined can watch out for the May issue of Vogue that will feature a preview of the exhibition.

A Met Spokesperson further noted that “in deference to this guidance [from the Center of Disease Control], all programs and events through May 15 will be canceled or postponed.”

Cancellations and postponements is a global trend and certain luxury brands are rising to the occasion.

Coronavirus has been spreading through Europe and to help the situation in France, LVMH, that owns luxury brands Louis Vuitton, Guerlain, Givenchy and Christian Dior, has already started producing hand sanitizer via their perfume production line. The conglomerate has taken the decision as France struggles to contain coronavirus and the number of deaths is rising faster, much higher.

Anna Wintour at The Met Gala, 2019

According to LVMH, “These gels will be delivered free of charge to the health authorities,” LVMH said this past Sunday. Supply to French hospitals has begun already as markets run short of hand sanitizers nationwide and they will be made and provided until a need exists.

The death toll in France, according to Al Jazeera, has risen to 264 with more than 9000 confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 3626 people in hospitals. French borders have been closed with Germany heading for a similar decision as this article goes to print.

Albeit on a much smaller scale, local brands in Pakistan are also making contributions to controlling the crises. Organic hand-sanitizers are now available at Neco’s and Conatural, a local brand manufactured and run by Myra Qureshi Jahangir and Rema Taseer, has a range of sanitizing products, which appear to be sold out on the website right now but should be restocked soon.

– With information from BBC News, Vogue, EcoWatch and Al Jazeera English