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Ali Sethi embarks on massive Spring 2020 Tour

Instep Today
Fri, 03, 20

After giving Karachi a taste of some of the best Southasian music, first at the Mohatta Palace followed by a curated set presented by Salt Arts, Ali Sethi is all set to embark on a massive Spring 2020 Tour.

With three shows scheduled to take place in Lahore, he isn’t leaving his hometown in lurch of music. But after three shows in Lahore scheduled for the 3rd, 4th and 6th, Ali Sethi is now heading to Faisalabad on the 8th before returning to Lahore for a gig again on the 9th of March.

After Lahore, the multicultural Ali Sethi with a strong following across geographical territories, will be heading to San Diego (March 13), Seattle (March 14), Philadelphia (March 19), Penn State University (March 27), San Francisco ( March 28), Sacramento (March 29), North Carolina (April 4), Washington D.C. (April 17) and New York City (April 19).

The Spring 2020 Tour first began in February where Sethi performed in London (Royal Geographical Society) on February 16. He followed it up with performances in London (Live at the BBC) on February 17 and Lahore on February 21.

Given how many places Ali Sethi plans to cover both inside Pakistan and beyond, if you’re a fan of Southasian music and a thrilling performer – as witnessed at the Salt Arts show in Karachi – look out for a show near you.