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Films under #TimeForRealHonour released

Instep Today
By NewsBytes
Sat, 12, 19

In the light of International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, SOC Films and the European Union Delegation have collaborated with the Federal Ministry of Law and Justice for release of two films. As part of the #TimeForRealHonour campaign to raise awareness, the films highlight the existing legislative framework against the practice of ‘honour killings’.

The first film is called Public Service Message (PSM) and attempts to engage with a wider and more diverse audience as it talks about Government of Pakistan’s efforts to ensure that honour killing is eradicated from Pakistan. It follows the life of a young school girl whose father believes that she has brought dishonour to the family until the father realized, ‘A murder is a murder even if done in the name of honour.’

The second film, which is the 10th animated short released under SOC Films’ Aagahi campaign, highlights the legislative laws against ‘honour killing,’ according to the constitution of Pakistan. It features a step by step guide about the laws and resources available for survivors and families alike. The video includes contact information for various help-lines and counselling services as well as legal support services available to women affected by ‘honour’ crime in Pakistan.

As part of #TimeForRealHonour, SOC Films will be joining forces with The Federal Ministry of Law and Justice and The European Union Delegation to Pakistan in the future as well for their Mobile Cinema Project. This project will include showcasing Aagahi and the PSM in different cities, towns and villages across Pakistan, with an aim to educate, not just the families and individuals, but also law enforcement agencies, about the legal rights and legal procedures, as well as to initiate conversations around honour killing.