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SuperSalt 2019: What the artists are saying

Instep Today
By Maheen Sabeeh
Fri, 12, 19

As SuperSalt 2019 gets closer, curator SuperSalt and artistic director/co-founder Salt Arts pens out a few things. Instep follows up.

According to a latest press release by Salt Arts, the upcoming SuperSalt 2019 edition, scheduled to take place in Karachi on December 14, will be an all-day event, with the Arts Council Open-Air Amphitheatre serving as the main stage.

It will feature – in no particular order – Baluch Twins (Adil Baluch and Asim Baluch) – in addition to Shamoon Ismail (Punjabi Blues), Ali Gul Pir (Hip Hop), Hamza Akram Qawwal (Contemporary World Qawwali), Meesha Shafi (Pop and Rock) and Salt Arts 2019 resident DJ Hussain Dossa, who is producing original music for SuperSalt.

Apart from announcements about artists who will perform during the day as well as partners, SuperSalt ki Market, and how people should prepare for the concert and what else will be available, curator Raania A.K. Durrani also wrote out a statement worth reading.

Raania Azam Khan Durrani, Co-Founder & Artistic Director Salt Arts, and curator of SuperSalt said in a statement, “Welcome to Karachi, the hip-hop capital of Pakistan, the home of Qawwali, the host city by the sea, of flamingo skies, the city of lights and of people who have hearts of lions. To our gracious and hospitable city, and for our sher dil audiences – we present SUPERSALT 2019.

What are the SUPERSALT 2019 artists saying?

Words, languages, expression, musicality – as artists our diversity is our power. Our many ways of expressing love, a testament to the idea of our collective and shared identity – says, ‘one love’. Our oneness is our win. Together, at the end of the year we breathe, resolve and celebrate.”

She reiterated, “Immense gratitude to our partners, who stand with us and with the arts - who believe in building communities, supporting artistic integrity and spearheading a progressive approach to giving priority to the creative process, always. Borne from the identity of a circus, a place of community - SUPERSALT 2019 and its host city Karachi embrace diversity. This year SUPERSALT is about the word, the word on the street, in the heart and the mind.”

-Picture and poster courtesy of Salt Arts