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Mira Sethi weds “love of her life” Bilal Siddiqi in an idyllic, simple ceremony

Instep Today
By NewsBytes
Mon, 11, 19

While the last two weeks have been all about high profile/celebrity weddings all over the country – from Karachi to Islamabad – the one wedding that caught our heart was of Mira Sethi, an extremely talented artist and overall lovely human being, and the “love of her life”, childhood friend, Bilal Siddiqi. Adnan Malik, a close friend, summed up our emotions in one simple post.

“I’ve known to be cynical about the institution of marriage, mainly because I don’t see a lot of solid examples of what a good relationship should look and feel like,” he said. “But in Mira Sethi and Bilal Siddiqi’s case, it’s a rare example of how much positive change two people can bring into each other’s lives. I’ve seen Mira bloom so beautifully under his kind and thoughtful gaze. This is the stuff marriages should be made of: playfulness, trust, communication, problem-solving and deep care. Mubarak ho meray Doston, you two, individually (and your jori, singularly) are beautiful in every sense of the word.”

Engaged last year, Mira and Bilal had a simple ceremony in San Francisco two weeks ago, in which the bride ‘did her own makeup and pulled back her hair in a pony tail’ and even in Lahore, she wore a vintage, classic pink gharara with traditional jewellery. No matter how much you spend, or not, it’s the happy bride that makes the best bride. Needless to say, Ali Sethi serenaded the newlyweds at the wedding, giving the guests something more to smile about.