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Qurram Hussain releases ‘Dastaan’

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By NewsBytes
Sat, 11, 19

Qurram Hussain, one half of music duo Josh, is on an upward trajectory. While Josh, also featuring Rup Magon, is still together, Qurram, better known as Q, has been a solo journey for some time.

It includes producing music for Pakistani film, Rangreza, working on the music of a Canadian series as well as collaborating with Cornetto Pop Rock, which culminated in singles such as ‘Desan Da Raja (Sohni Kuri)‘ with Komal Rizvi and ‘Aaja Na’ featuring Maria Unera.

Qurram Hussain is back with a new song called ‘Dastaan’ and it’s a crisp ballad, the kind that takes you back to the earlier days of Josh and reminds you how good they can be with such a theme. Though this is a Qurram Hussain song, it has love song written all over it and a good love song is always welcome.

Even the music video is interesting as we see Qurram’s character step out of himself and there are multiple dimensions to the character. Joined in the music video by model Fareeha Sheikh, there is separation, longing, love and feelings of entrapment – all neatly put together by director Moiz Shaukat.

Speaking about the song, Qurram stated in a press statement, “I think a lot of people go through these phases in their lives where they feel trapped, whether it’s due to addiction[s] or mental illnesses or just not being able to follow their dreams and speak their minds.” He added that ‘Dastaan’ is about how liberating it can be to say “I want more” and “breaking free”.

As for the sound and the lyrical content, noted Q, “It’s a high energy track with a melodious vocal melody, which captures the softness of the emotion in the lyrics, and mixes it with the rush of excitement and nervousness that comes with taking such a big step in your life.”