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“I want to bring a change for actors of my league.”

Instep Today
By Buraq Shabbir
Sat, 11, 19

Having shot to unprecedented fame as ‘Bhola’ (from Ranjha Ranjha Kardi), Imran Ashraf asserts that critical success alone doesn’t pay the bills.

Imran Ashraf stars opposite Neelam Muneer as the sensitive and soft-spoken Zeeshan in ongoing drama serial, Kahin Deep Jalay.

If there is one actor who owned television in 2019, it would have to be Imran Ashraf. As the mentally challenged Bhola in Ranjha Ranjha Kardi, he melted many hearts and left viewers in admiration of his craft. It was and still remains the breakthrough performance on television in 2019.

Later in the year, he generated an overwhelming response for essaying the anti-hero, Rehan Chaudhry, in Inkaar while presently he’s starring as the sensitive and soft-spoken Zeeshan in Kahin Deep Jalay.

Last month, it was revealed that Imran Ashraf would be making his film debut with Dam Mastam, which will be directed by Mohammad Ehteshamuddin. Written by Amar Khan, who also stars opposite Imran, the film will be produced by Adnan Siddiqui under the banner of Cereal Entertainment.

As for television, Imran has paired up with the high profile Urwa Hocane for an upcoming drama serial, Mushk. He recently began shooting for the production in Karachi.

We recently caught up with the actor for a quick update on his upcoming projects as well as his plans for the future. Those who don’t know, Imran has also penned the script for Mushk, his second as a writer after Tabeer.

“Mushk has a very interesting and artistic storyline, painted in a commercial setting,” Imran shared in an exclusive interview with Instep, adding, “Characters will be madly in love but will not get who they desire.”

Aside from Mushk, which is being directed by Aehsun Talish, the actor will also be shooting for Dam Mastam, in Lahore in the coming days. He essays a Punjabi guy in the film that is said to be a love story with elements of both comedy and drama.

“I am a huge fan of Ehteshamuddin’s acting and he will teach me so much as a director too; he is the major reason I signed the film,” explained Imran. “Besides, Amar is a very talented writer, a very good actor and a wonderful human being while Adnan bhai is an amazing producer. I am very thankful for the opportunity.”

Moving on, Imran spoke of what he really wishes to achieve while he is a part of the entertainment industry and not just focus on his work and celebrate success that comes his way. He is a character actor who got the recognition and fame he deserved after a decade-long struggle and is known among leading actors today.

“I want to bring a change for actors of my league; the ones who are just ‘critically acclaimed’ but have no money for treatment during their last days,” Imran expressed, asserting that acclaim doesn’t pay bills or brings the money needed for a daughter’s wedding or a mother’s treatment.

“Have you ever read the news of a ‘star’ battling with a disease, and artists raising funds to support him?” Imran continued, emphasizing that it is the “critically acclaimed” actors who have to face the situation.

“I want to bring a change for actors of my league; the ones who are just ‘critically acclaimed’ but have no money for treatment during their last days.” – Imran Ashraf

The actor went on to share that he got what he desired, even more than he ever dreamt of, but it has made him realize that he has a bigger purpose. And he doesn’t want actors who come after him to face the same struggle that he went through.

“If God has given me a chance to do something for them, it is my responsibility to not let any injustice happen to these actors who have developed hope after seeing the recognition I have got. Many senior actors have worked so hard but were never recognized and left us; many are struggling for long-deserved appreciation and opportunities. Some have even given up but there are plenty who will enter the industry in the future as it continues to grow. Ten years from now, this will change and we will no longer hear sad stories of actors crying for help and/or financial support,” Imran concluded optimistically.