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The weekly mixtape, 07

Instep Today
By Maheen Sabeeh
Mon, 09, 19

In this week’s edition of the mixtape, Instep speaks to Ali Hamza, Kami Paul and Qurrum Hussain on what they’ve been listening to

After observing a gap due to the first ten days of Muharram, we’re back with the weekly mixtape, filled with some very interesting choices. Over to the musicians…

Qurrum Hussain (Q)

“The 5 artists Q has been listening to and why…

1. Pearl Jam: The poetry and storytelling in a way only Eddie Vedder can do.

2. Mekaal Hassan Band: There is no better desi fusion band with such musicality.

3. George Michael: The sheer variety of styles and grooves he commanded.

4. Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan: A more soothing voice is hard to find along with such command on the emotions of the song.

5. Khaled: He is a recent obsession but boy can he sing! Such unique style and a butter smooth texture; it’s very fresh!”

Kami Paul (drum sensation)

“Believe me when I say I listen to all the upcoming indie bands and some of these have already been there for some time! I must add they all are amazing. But these 5 bands have always been in my playlist and I have a very solid connection with them because all of these bands played a very motivational role while I was making my own music as Mughal-E-Funk.

1. Red Blood Cat

2. Takatak

3. Sounds of Kolachi

4. Mekaal Hassan Band

5. Poor Rich Boy”

Ali Hamza (Noori/solo)

“5 pieces of music I’ve been listening to include the following:

1. Ghazals of K.L Saigol: My father had an LP of it, and this was most probably the very first album which I listened to intently as a student of music and singing. My very first training ground for music. I guess this has been a way for me to go back to the drawing board.

2. A specific 45 minutes long qawwali performance of Mubarik Ali and Fateh Ali Khan (father and uncle of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan), recorded by Raza Kazim (my grandfather), sometime in the sixties. This I am listening to take some musical notes for a re-rendition I’m developing for ‘Paar Chanaa De’, one that I intend to perform as well.

3. Another qawwali by Fareed Ayaz and Co. called ‘Kan Roz Ke Rooh e Adam Aamad’. It is recorded by the Dream Journey - a really nice initiative by music connoisseurs amongst North American diaspora. I was keen on doing a rendition for CS 11, but it couldn’t materialise. Listening mostly to get inspiration from the lyrics of this piece.

4. Jain – ‘Makeba’: I have been in love with this song for the last 6 months. It’s an awesome video too. Every now and then it’s on my mind, and I put it on. It’s also a great number to do some booty shaking with my kids.

5. Gully Boy soundtrack: One breakthrough album for South Asia (and one breakthrough film as well). It has been the most inspiring album I have heard in the recent past. I have listened to it too many times now, and continue listening with the same awe. I can’t rap to save my life, and don’t intend to either; but still this is truly inspirational work.”