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IAK Talks held discussion on countering radicalization

Instep Today
By NewsBytes
Mon, 07, 19

I Am Karachi recently organized a session on ‘Ways of preventing and countering radicalization in our community,’ as part of the talks that take place under I Am Karachi Talks (IAK Talks). It featured speakers including journalist Fahim Siddiqui, anchor person Sidra Iqbal, athlete Naseem Hameed and musician Ahsan Bari, who came together to discuss the topic at hand. The event took place last week, on July 19, at Zia-ud-Din University, Clifton.

The session highlighted how important it is to prevent radicalization to achieve a peaceful, progressive and harmonious existence.

Fahim Siddiqui talked about the importance of community based vigilance and un-biased reporting that can lead to reduction in marginalization/stereotyping of a community and promote acceptance. Sidra Iqbal spoke about the role of an opinion leader, especially media personal, in promoting peaceful narrative, and countering hate speech that leads to radicalization.

Naseem Hameed shared his views on the subject and emphasized on the inclusion of women in sports. He stressed that it can create a positive role model for the youth and facilitate in creating a more resilient community in Chakra Goth, Korangi.

Sharing his take on the subject, Ahsan Bari discussed the influence of music and songwriting, and spoke about providing alternative avenues to bring tolerance and acceptance in community.

Addressing the attendees, executive director of I Am Karachi, Ambareen Thompson noted, “Karachi, once Pakistan’s most vibrant city, suffered violence and divides for over 30 years. The government has worked to restore law and order but not much has been done to bring harmony and promote inter community peace building. IAK works to actively fill this void by bringing communities, ethnicities and viewpoints together, to talk, to discuss and to understand each other. Only through people to people contact in public spaces and on common topics can we build durable peace and societies that take greater ownership”.