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Janoobi Khargosh release new artwork

Instep Today
By Maheen Sabeeh
Wed, 06, 19

Waleed Ahmed’s musical directions have been impressive. Going from a death metal band called Dionysus to another called Lohikarma, he reinvented his solo musical identity and (moniker) Janoobi Khargosh journey with Waterfort and Billi Khamba Aur Urantashtari respectively, both in 2014.

Since then, he has released a lot of new music with upcoming Survivors being the latest EP scheduled to release. This one will feature not only, Waleed Ahmed’s younger brother Umer Ahmed on synth and stuff like that but Zain Ahmed, the legendary Poor Rich Boy guitarist and producer, who has also played guitars on some songs; PRB singer-songwriter Umer Khan is also featured on vocals on several songs.

“Cpt Space EP is done and we’re not making more videos from it,” confirmed Waleed Ahmed.

Janoobi Khargosh has moved on to the next album, titled Survivors. “The single ‘One’ is from Survivors. Our next is the single, ‘Survivors’,” said Waleed.

Promotional artwork has been released, designed by Haris Hidayat Ullah, and it is as brilliant as the album cover art – showcased in the recent Instep centerspread.

As for the feel and influence of the album, said Waleed, “There are a lot of things that come in,” defining the album, “particularly ‘90s Pakistani pop.”

He further said, “Our photo-shoot for Survivors is also like the nineties musicians and it is us pretending that we are in the nineties. But it was done to make an aesthetic.”