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Saqib Malik confirms Baaji will not release on Eid ul Fitr

Instep Today
By Buraq Shabbir
Sat, 05, 19

Saqib Malik’s upcoming debut feature film Baaji has us all excited for reasons more than one.

Among other things, it is Meera Jee, who looks phenomenal in the film’s recently released teaser while the film marks her big screen comeback post cinema revival.

It was reported last month that Baaji, which was supposed to release on June 28, 2019, might prepone and instead release on Eid ul Fitr alongside Yasir Nawaz’s sequel to Wrong Number, titled Wrong Number 2 and Wajahat Rauf’s third cinematic outing, Chhalawa.

However, the director recently revealed to Instep that the film is not releasing on Eid.

“Well, we are not releasing it on Eid,” Saqib Malik confirmed.

Baaji that stars Osman Khalid Butt, Amna Ilyas and Mohsin Abbas Haider in key roles in addition to Meera Jee will most probably release on the original date – June 28, 2019.

Coming back to Eid films, Wrong Number 2 stars Sami Khan and Neelam Muneer in key roles while Chhlawa features Mehwish Hayat, Azfar Rehman, Zara Noor Abbas and Asad Siddiqui. Releasing it on Eid would have definitely been a plus for Baaji but now that it is not releasing on Eid ul Fitr, it might benefit Wrong Number 2 and Chhlawa – in terms of box office business at least. Let’s wait and see.