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Music producer Jamal Rahman on 2019 goals

Instep Today
By Maheen Sabeeh
Thu, 01, 19

The Lahore-based music producer shares that his major priority this year is to increase the roster of artists featured on True Brew TV.

From contributing to the beautiful Manto soundtrack to starting the short-lived Storm in a Teacup music festival to founding True Brew TV, Lahore-based music producer Jamal Rahman has accomplished a lot in a short-span of time.

For Jamal Rahman, who is doing the scoring for Saqib Malik’s upcoming film Baaji and has so far done one song for the original soundtrack, a major priority in 2019 is to increase the roster of artists featured on True Brew TV.

“We want to concentrate on expanding our roster of talent on True Brew TV,” Jamal tells Instep. “We definitely want to work with – we want to be inclusive – more mainstream artists, more folk artists and expand that whole spectrum of talent that we work with.”

Adds Jamal: “Most importantly, I think the real push for it will not be just for True Brew TV but for myself as well; to produce original music as much as possible and have that out in video-form. Those are the main two things I’m looking at, in terms of True Brew TV and as a music producer, personally.”

Some of those personal projects will most likely include working with Ali Sethi. As Jamal told Instep in an earlier conversation, “I am producing a song for [Ali Sethi] independently of True Brew TV. When he approached me, he wanted to do something similar in vein to ‘Aah ko Chahiye’ – that sparse kind of arrangement, openness, it’s more about the vocals than other instruments.

We’re working on something that is new even for me because we’re going in this ambient space. That’s really exciting and it should be out very soon. A video is being worked upon as well.”

As for True Brew TV, a digital music platform featuring two aspects – Singles (which means no audience) and Live (which means playing in front of an eclectic audience) – it has gone on to feature names such as Bilal Baloch, Sikandar Ka Mandar, Zoe Viccaji (feat. Kami Paul and Jamal Rahman), Saakin, Abdullah Qureshi feat Amal Nadeem, Mughal-e-Funk, Shajie, Mehdi Maloof, Janat Aziz Sohail (Wooly and the Uke), Moyo, Ali Suhail, Shorbanoor, Cheems, Janoobi Khargosh, The D/A Method, Abdullah Siddiqui, Gentle Robot, VIP, Haroon Shahid and Jimmy Khan.

We can’t wait to see what True Brew TV brews next, in 2019 and what music producer Jamal Rahman does independently of the initiative given his strong credentials as an artist, first and foremost.