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Qavi Khan set to make his Hollywood debut with Forbidden Steps

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By NewsBytes
Thu, 10, 18

Veteran actor Qavi Khan will be featuring in the upcoming movie Forbidden Steps that he considers his Hollywood debut. The actor recently returned from the United States after shooting for the film, which is directed by Iram Parveen Bilal of Josh fame.

Qavi Khan essays the character of Baba, a Pakistani man who travels to America to meet his son and granddaughter who are settled there. His son Majeed, essayed by Star Trek actor Faran Tahir, is a police officer who wants to bridge the generational gap between his father and daughter, who is a ballerina dancer.

In a recent interview, Khan shared his experience of working there and how he loved the professionalism and punctuality. He appreciated the fact that the entire team worked as a unit and wished that people here would also focus on quality rather than quantity. “Here we care about quantity so we’re all overworked and not really motivated. They were so welcoming and we had an emotional farewell,” he added.

According to Khan, he was discovered after his short film Nanu Aur Main had multiple screenings at international festivals. He said that he was surprised to get a call from a woman who wanted to meet him for work. “When we talked she revealed she was from Hollywood. She told me about the script and I was interested, although it did take a month to finalize everything.”

While the release date for Forbidden Steps has not been disclosed yet, the actor calls the film a beautiful family story in which he plays a special character.