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Meghan Markle’s ‘colossal mistake’ left palace staff ‘aghast’

Meghan Markle’s decided to launch a lawsuit against a UK tabloid

By Web Desk
October 06, 2022


Buckingham Palace staff was reportedly left “aghast” at Meghan Markle’s decision to launch a lawsuit against a UK tabloid.

Author Valentine Low claimed in his new book Courtiers, published on October 2022, that the Duchess of Sussex was advised against the copyright claim against The Mail.

The correspondent suggested Meghan "was determined to go ahead" and would ask: "Why is nobody listening to me?"

"Everyone else was equally determined to talk her out of it," Valentine wrote. "Then, when the couple spent time that summer with Elton John and David Furnish, the solution presented itself to them: get another lawyer.”

“Schillings, a firm Elton had used before, had a reputation for being the most aggressive libel firm in Britain, as well as for charging eye-watering fees. Meghan dumped Harbottle & Lewis and was introduced to Schillings by Elton. She was on her way to court,” the biographer added.

The book further revealed that it "marked another step in the distancing of Meghan from her palace advisors."

"After Meghan dropped Gerrard Tyrrell, none of the household was kept in the loop about what was happening with any potential legal action," Low added.

"None of them knew that the duchess was suing The Mail on Sunday until they were in South Africa. The team was aghast.

"They thought it was a colossal mistake, not least because it threatened to derail the rest of the tour. There was, however, very little they could do about it."