Thursday October 06, 2022

Prince Harry, William had ‘disrespectful rows’ with King Charles III over Camilla

Prince Harry and William reportedly had major rows with King Charles III over his relationship with Camilla

By Web Desk
September 23, 2022

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Prince Harry and Prince William reportedly had major rows with their father King Charles III over his relationship with their now step-mother Camilla, also the new Queen Consort, a royal expert has claimed in a new book.

King Charles III famously had an affair with Camilla while married to Prince Harry and William’s mother, the late Princess Diana, and royal expert Angela Levin has weighed in on how the young princes found it difficult when Charles married Camilla in 2005, years after Diana’s death.

In an excerpt from Levin’s new book Camilla: From Outcast to Future Queen Consort, published in The Telegraph, the author claimed that both Prince Harry and Prince William had fights with their father even after his wedding to Camilla.

While both princes were reportedly introduced to Camilla years before her wedding to Charles and seemed to have accepted her into the family, Levin wrote: “… After the wedding it became clear that his sons weren’t as keen on their stepmother as it appeared but were just being polite before and at the wedding.”

“Instead, both William and Harry had arguments with their father that I’ve been told were 'hardly respectful'. It is always difficult to take on the role of stepmother and William and Harry presented the then-Duchess of Cornwall with an almost impossible challenge,” she added.

Several years later, both Harry and William are said to have developed a respectful relationship with the now-Queen Consort Camilla, but some sources have suggested that the Duke of Sussex ‘can’t stand’ her.