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King Charles’ official signature to change as he becomes monarch

King Charles will modify his official signature as he assumes the role of monarch after Queen's death

By Web Desk
September 09, 2022

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As Queen Elizabeth’s son Charles assumes the role of King after her death at the age of 96 on September 8, 2022, it has emerged that he will have to modify his official signature in addition to several other changes.

As per Mirror UK, King Charles III will have to add an ‘R’ to the end of his signature going forward, to signify Rex, which is Latin for King.

It was reportedly also reported that Charles might have to completely modify his signature based on the name he takes on as King, but it has now been confirmed that he will be called King Charles III; he could choose from any of the four names that make up his full name, Charles Philip Arthur George.

Previously, Queen Elizabeth also had to add an R to her signature, to signify ‘Regina’, Latin for Queen.

In addition to this major change, King Charles will not be needing a passport of his own anymore, and all passports in the UK will also be changed and issued in his name.