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Brad Pitt really assaulted Angelina Jolie and kids?

Brad Pitt has denied all of the allegations of physical fight with Angelina Jolie and children

By Web Desk
September 07, 2022
Brad Pitt really assaulted Angelina Jolie and kids?

Hollywood actor Brad Pitt has been in news since images of Angelina Jolie's bruises, she allegedly sustained during a physical fight with her ex-husband on their private jet, have been revealed.

The 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' actor allegedly hurt Jolie during a physical fight  with her   while on board a private jet from France to Los Angeles in 2016.

The 58-year-old actor, who has categorically denied all of the allegations of physical fight with Jolie and  children, is facing backlash since the alleged incident came in the pubic eye.

Earlier this month,  Jolie had been named as the 'Jane Doe' who had sued the FBI after an investigation into ex-husband Brad Pitt was closed. The suit seeks the FBI to release information related to the investigation after Jolie claimed Pitt had physically assaulted her and their children.

The  47-year-old actress  filed images to FBI showing bruising to her hand and elbow. The Oscar-winning actress  claimed Pitt 'grabbed her by the head, shoulders' and yelled  'you're f**king up this family' during the fight.

 Jolie allegedly attempted to choke Pitt from behind in order to restrain him as she says he looked 'like he was going to attack' one of the minors. 

The actress  claimed while Pitt was in a chokehold, he threw his body back, causing Jolie to slam into chairs behind them, according to FBI documents which have yet to be publicly released but were obtained by several news outlets.

However, the details of the incident left some of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's fans and friends shock. While,   some still believe that Pitt could never hurt a woman and children, and specially those who were very close to his heart.   They remained unconvinced about the incident and believe the Fight Club   actor  would never be a 'wife beater'.

Jolie and Pitt became legally single in 2019, but their custody battle is still raging on.