Monday February 06, 2023

‘Exploitative’ Prince Andrew ‘using’ Queen’s estate to hide from police

Prince Andrew ‘abusing’ tile of birth by hiding from arrest within Queen Elizabeth’s Palace

By Web Desk
July 09, 2022

Prince Andrew has come under fire for ‘hiding from arrest’ and ‘abusing’ his title of birth.

This claim has been made by Paul Page, the Royal Family’s ex-police, in his interview with The Sun.

While addressing the ‘unique advantage’ Prince Andrew enjoys, at the expense of his mother, the Queen, Page made some startling revelations.

He began by agreeing that, "Andrew has something to conceal, and he has questions to answer.”

At the same time made it clear, “I don't think he'll ever be in a situation where he has to answer them because of who he is."

He even branded the Duke of York a ‘horrible little guy’ who used his connection and status to offer people like Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein unfettered access and indirect protection.

Before concluding he even referenced the ‘one difference’ between Maxwell, and why she is in jail while Prince Andrew enjoys his pampered lifestyle.

"Ghislaine doesn't have the 'HRH' designation in front of her name; where is she? Jail. What happened to him? I'm at home. It's as simple as that."