Sunday August 14, 2022

Elliot Page talks about receiving backlash after coming out as transgender

Elliot Page came out as transgender in 2020 for which he received 'hatred and cruelty' from some people

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June 03, 2022

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Elliot Page got candid about receiving hate after he came out as a transgender in December 2020.

In an article penned for Esquire Magazine, the Umbrella Academy actor shared how he feels after transitioning.

He wrote, "I can't overstate the biggest joy, which is really seeing yourself. I know I look different to others, but to me I'm just starting to look like myself.”

“It's indescribable, because I'm just like, there I am. And thank God. Here I am,” the 35-year-old added. "The greatest joy is just being able to feel present, literally, just to be present."

The actor continued: "To go out in a group of new people and be able to engage in a way where I didn't feel this constant sensation to flee from my body, this never-ending sensation of anxiety and nervousness and wanting out.”

“When I say I couldn't have ever imagined feeling that way, I mean that with every sense of me," he shared.

Recalling the time he came out as transgender, Elliot penned, "I didn't expect it to be so big. In terms of the actual quality of the response, it was what I expected: love and support from many people and hatred and cruelty and vitriol from so many others.”

He further wrote that it was different when he came out as gay in 2014, adding, “Transphobia is just so, so, so extreme. The hatred and the cruelty is so much more incessant."