Saturday May 28, 2022

Harry Styles admits he believed people who go to therapy are 'broken'

Harry Styles talks about overcoming his mental health struggles

By Web Desk
May 10, 2022

Harry Styles confesses he avoided his mental health for the sake of appearances.

Speaking to Better Homes & Gardens for their June cover story, the Don't Worry Darling star revealed: "I thought it meant that you were broken, I wanted to be the one who could say I didn't need it."

"But I think that accepting living, being happy, hurting in the extremes, that is the most alive you can be. Losing it crying, losing it laughing—there's no way, I don't think, to feel more alive than that," he continued.

Harry went on to reveal that he along with his therapist sat down to discuss his obsessive need to be so 'likeable'.

Talking about his One Direction days, the singer explained that he was encouraged to 'give so much away' in order to be liked.

One Direction went on indefinite hiatus in January 2016, allowing all members to pursue other projects.