Tuesday May 17, 2022

Angelina Jolie is 'ultimate muse' for The Weeknd: 'They have a lot in common'

Angelina Jolie is rumoured to be dating The Weeknd

By Web Desk
January 22, 2022

The Weeknd is head over heels falling for girlfriend Angelina Jolie, dubs her his 'ultimate muse,' reports US Weekly.

The pair “have more things in common than people would think,” an insider gushes over the couple.

The source continued, “Angelina and The Weeknd have had a few meetups, but there is nothing romantic going on between them — at least that’s what friends are told.”

According to the source, The Weeknd and Jolie initially met by virtue of Jolie's children, who were big fans of the Starboy singer's music.

"They’re crazy about him and they love him and his music. They’ve all become quite buddy buddy, and the kids find it so cool that their mom has a connection with The Weeknd," added the insider.

The source continued: “He’s been pouring on the charm and going out of his way to impress her,” the insider shared, adding that the California native was “playing down talk of anything serious” at the time. “Both Angie and Abel are telling people that they are just friends, but those who know them think something romantic is going on.”