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Pakistan can play role in reducing China-US tensions: PM Imran Khan

PM Imran Khan stresses on nations to not polarize them on Cold War pattern

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December 09, 2021
PM Imran Khan addressing the inaugural session of Islamabad Conclave 2021 in the Federal Capital on Thursday.
PM Imran Khan addressing the inaugural session of Islamabad Conclave 2021 in the Federal Capital on Thursday.

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan Thursday said that Pakistan can play a role in bridging differences between China and the United States to reduce tensions rather than join any political bloc.

Addressing the inaugural session of Islamabad Conclave 2021 in the federal capital on Thursday, he said the situation is going towards a new Cold War and added, "Pakistan should try its best to stop the formation of these blocs because we should not become a part of any bloc."

The Pakistani prime minister offered his good offices amid increasing tensions between the two world powers, with major Western countries siding with the US in boycotting the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022.

PM Imran Khan said that the Cold War between the US and the then Soviet Union had caused a great loss to the world. He said Islamabad does not want to get trapped in a potentially new cold war.

“We want to unite people,” he said, referring to his efforts to bring Iran and Saudi Arabia closer.

Moving to regional challenges, he said the major issues including Afghanistan and Kashmir, can only be resolved through dialogue.

The prime minister urged world leaders to play their role in averting the impending humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan by releasing their frozen assets. He said these assets are linked with saving the lives of 40 million Afghan people who have been suffering for so long.

The premier said through the platform of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), in its forthcoming foreign ministers' meeting, Pakistan will try to play its role in saving Afghan people from any humanitarian crisis.

The prime minister said we tried our best to develop peace with India since he assumed office in 2018 but unfortunately, the Modi-led Indian regime took every initiative as our weakness.

He regretted that the Hindutva-led BJP regime could become a threat for its own country as its specific ideology has excluded its major population, adding that exclusion can only create radicalism.

Elaborating his policy for regional collaboration, the prime minister said Pakistan wants to enhance connectivity for increasing trade with regional countries.

In this regard, he said, we are trying to take maximum benefit from CPEC.

PM Imran Khan said climate change is another challenge that requires a collective approach to be resolved on a priority basis. He said to deal with it, we started the Ten-Billion Tree Tsunami program that is being appreciated at every world forum.

He said it is unfortunate that global leaders are not focused on it as their personal interests clash with the desired steps that need to be taken to address the issue.