Wednesday September 22, 2021

Prince William, Kate Middleton have open boarding school communications with Prince George

Prince William, Kate Middleton make is a priority to involve Prince George in boarding school discussions
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August 05, 2021

Prince William and Kate Middleton reportedly have open discussions regarding Prince George’s future boarding school plans, on a daily basis.

This claim has been brought forward by Royally Us host Joe Drake and he was quoted saying, “They are talking about potentially sending him to boarding school but sources told Us Weekly that they wouldn’t do it unless George wants to and obviously he’s old enough now to say yes or no.”

“The source said they’re having ‘open communication’ with their children and it’s going to be more of a family decision than I think it was when William and obviously even Charles was young, it was sort of a given you were sent to boarding school.”

Currently, Prince George and his sister Princess Charlotte are attending Thomas’s School in Battersea however, the royals have a long standing tradition of entering boarding schools in an attempt to be shielded from the public spotlight.

Both Prince George’s father Prince William and uncle Prince Harry attended Ludgrove School and Eton College in between the ages of 8-18.

During their time at Eton in particular, staff members would shield the boys from hearing scandalous news about their parents by hiding the daily newspapers.