Tuesday September 21, 2021

Razak Dawood envisions Pakistan becoming a mobile phones' exporter by 2022

Dawood claims that mobile phone manufacturing has already begun in the country
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August 02, 2021
Adviser to Prime Minister on Commerce and Investment Abdul Razak Dawood. File photo.
Adviser to Prime Minister on Commerce and Investment Abdul Razak Dawood. File photo.

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan will be exporting mobile phones by 2022,  Prime Minister Imran Khan's Adviser for Commerce and Investment Abdul Razak Dawood shared his prediction while addressing a press conference on Monday.

According to Dawood, Pakistan has already started manufacturing mobile phones, with some foreign companies aspiring to get their mobile phones manufactured in Pakistan.

The PM's aide stressed developing an export culture in the country.

"In the next five years, Pakistan should stop depending entirely on textile exports and focus on other industries too," said Dawood.

He further stated that the government of Pakistan has developed a strategy for increasing exports.

Briefing the media on the export statistics, he said that Pakistan made exports worth $2.3 billion in July, which is the highest amount of exports ever made in the month of July.

As per Dawood, the exports observed the biggest growth in the field of Information Technology, with the annual IT exports exceeding from $2b, constituting up to 47% growth rate.

He claimed that the export will be amplified up to 38% from the current rate, which is 31.2%.

We look forward to taking the goods exports up to worth $30.2b and services exports up to $7.5b in the current fiscal year, he added.

Special Assistant to PM Khan Shahbaz Gill was also present with Dawood on the occasion.

He said in his address that the federal government’s policy is ‘made in Pakistan’.

“The government has worked for the promotion of exports since Pakistan’s future lies in it,” said Gill.

He said that the PM Khan was informed about the problems exporters face, during a recent meeting with the exporters. PM Khan will be meeting the exporters on a monthly basis, he added.