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Sofia Vergara adores her role in Modern Family but hates one thing

Though Sofia Vergara adores her role in the famous sitcom Modern Family, she did not like an aspect of the series

By Web Desk
June 11, 2021

The world came to know about the acting talent powerhouse Sofia Vergara thanks to her convincing performance in the American sitcom Modern Family.  The audience loved the series so much that it ran for eleven seasons. 

However, there was one aspect of the filming of the most popular comedy series that the 48-year-old Colombian-American actress did not like. She rather abhorred it.

The story revolves around Gloria Pritchett - an upbeat Colombian girl who was married to Jay Pritchett.  Sofia Vergara rose to prominence because of her character in Modern Family. 

She revealed that she adored her role, Gloria, in the sitcom. But, it does not mean that she liked everything coming from the directors.   

She hated when directors decided that Gloria and Jay will have a pet on the show as she did not like dogs. But, her character was depicted as a dog-lover. 

She was a  French bulldog, Stella.

“I hate the dog,” Sofia Vergara revealed.

“I’m not used to [having] a little dog on top of me and licking. I grew up in Colombia, where you have big dogs.”

She went on to say that dogs stay outside in Colombia. “It’s not that I have anything personal with her [the dog],” she added.

Sofia Vergara's audience was fond of her natural lighthearted style.