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‘Loki’ creators reveal how the supervillain’s role is different from past MCU films

'Loki' writer and director spoke about how the series will shed light on the character of Loki differently

By Web Desk
June 08, 2021

Creators of Disney+ series, Loki have dished details about what Marvel fans can expect ahead of the premiere.

Chatting with Entertainment Tonight, creators of the show, writer Michael Waldron and director Kate Herron spoke about how the series will shed light on the character of Loki differently than he was portrayed in the past Marvel Cinematic Universe films.

Upon being inquired about how the God of Mischief would be on his own, not connected to Thor or Asgard, Herron said: “Obviously, he's had one of the best arcs across the last 10 years of the MCU, but we don't have that guy that we saw in Infinity War or in Endgame, who's obviously Avengers Loki.”

“The exciting thing for me as a storyteller is that he's in a very different headspace to the Loki we've seen over the last 10 years, and we're putting the God of Mischief into this bureaucratic organization and how is he going to cope within that place? I think we're taking him to a very new corner of the MCU and there's a lot of fun to be had with that,” added.

Waldron also joined the conversation and said: “He's gotta fend for himself. He doesn't have anybody else he can look to to sort of take advantage of, to get out of jams and everything. He doesn't have anybody he can blame things on.”

“The messes he's making now are his own. And that's not to say that he was ever passing the buck. It's just, this is a guy who's always been really connected to Thor and really survived by being close to power and then seeking to overthrow that power.”

“Now, he's on his own at the bottom of a ladder, at the bottom of the food chain, so it's just a totally new dynamic for him to be playing with,” he added.