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Kangana Ranaut reveals ‘shocking’ things she experienced while battling COVID

Kangana Ranaut revealed that she is still feeling weak after recovering from COVID

By Web Desk
June 06, 2021

B-Town actor Kangana Ranaut is looking back at the 'shocking' things she experienced while she was down with COVID-19.

In a video posted on her Instagram recently, the Queen actor revealed that she is still feeling weak after recovering and has even relapsed multiple times since she tested negative for the infectious disease.

"I am here to talk about my experience of recovery from coronavirus. I experienced shocking things during this time. I have always seen that when you are ill, once you start recovering, it is a perpetual journey forward,” she shared.

“But, in the case of coronavirus, it is a fake recovery. Just a day after I tested negative, I felt I could do everything - workout and shoot schedules - as earlier. However, when I stepped out and started doing these things, I relapsed, I was not really well. I was again bed-ridden,” she said.

"It was not just once but I faced the relapse at least four or five times. It will be 14 days tomorrow since I tested negative for coronavirus,” she added.