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Watch: Bahawalnagar men attack police, attempt to kidnap woman

Armed men mistake woman for their relative, flee from the scene after realising their mistake

By Web Desk
March 15, 2021

BAHAWALNAGAR: Men armed with sticks attacked police officials and attempted to kidnap a woman on Monday, according to a Geo News report.

A few men attempted to kidnap the woman, who was being brought to a court from Dar-ul-Aman to Tehsil Chishtiyan.

When police intervened to save the woman, the men attacked them with sticks. However, police managed to foil their attempts to take the woman through force.

Speaking about the incident, police said the men had mistaken the woman for their relative. However, after realising their mistake, they fled from the scene.

Police registered a case against 12 persons for the attack.