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Ex-PTI MPA Ubaid Ullah Mayar says Pervez Khattak asked him to accept Rs10 million in bribe

Mayar says he "stands by his statements" and is "not scared of anyone"

By Web Desk
February 10, 2021
Former PTI MPA Ubaid Ullah Mayar says he stands by his statements and is not scared of anyone after a scandalous video surfaced in which he could be seen accepting bribe. Photo: File

PESHAWAR: Former PTI lawmaker Ubaid Ullah Mayar has confessed to accepting  bribe worth Rs10 million in 2018  and alleged that the then chief minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak asked him to do so.

The confession came after a controversial video surfaced on social media in which some PTI lawmakers could be seen allegedly accepting bribe prior to the Senate elections of 2018.

According to a report by, the PTI-led provincial government had "paid Rs10 million to all MPAs for developmental work."

He said that  he accepted the money at the National Assembly speaker's house and it was the "provincial government which paid money to the MPAs and then made a video." He went on to say that he was "not aware of being filmed at the time of receiving the money."

"At that time, Pervez Khattak had formed a committee of 17 MPAs and asked us to vote for them, paid us the money, and promised to give us party's tickets," he alleged, per the report.

He said that he even went to the High Court in relation to the matter, adding that he "stands by [his] statement and is "not afraid of anyone."

"I know the reality of Pervez Khattak as well as National Assembly's Speaker Asad Qaiser," he said. "These two made the video, paid us, and the place shown in the video is the speaker's house."

Responding to a question regarding two people from another party who could be seen taking money in the video, Mayar said that the "Pervez Khattak had promised to make them ministers if they joined the PTI," adding that the "promise was later fulfilled".

He said that he was asked to return the money on the suspicion that he did not vote for PTI's candidate.