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Priyanka Chopra criticised for breaking Covid-19 protocols with salon appointment

Priyanka Chopra is seen attending her hair appointment at a salon amid strict Covid-19 rules

By Web Desk
January 08, 2021

Actress Priyanka Chopra was heavily criticised after she was seen with her mother at a hair salon in Notting Hill while the country grapples with the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Quantico star was discovered by police officers attending her hair appointment.

The photos sparked controversy as the public is subjected to strict lockdown rules. Critics questioned her whether she thought she was above the law.

"Why are you and your mum pictured at a salon getting your hair done when it's against the rules in the UK right now??!! Why are the rules different for you, who do you think you are?" an angry user wrote.

"Getting so fed up with “celebrities” thinking they don't have to do this lockdown like the rest of us," another said.

"Why should Priyanka Chopra be able to get her hair done. Why does some swanky London salon think it's above the rules," another commented.

However, the actress seemed to be there for work.

She had dodged a fine as she showed police paperwork proving that the appointment was for a film.

"Following government guidance, Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ hair was coloured by Josh Wood for the purpose of the film she is currently shooting," the actress' spokesperson said.

"The salon was opened privately for the production and everyone involved had been tested and followed both the DCMS working guidelines and the film production regulations,

"As per Film London and current government advice, by continuing to follow the approved COVID-19 guidance, Film and TV production can continue in the Capital and locations can continue to accommodate shoots and recces that are carried out in-line with the guidance."