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Rani Mukerji reveals the her favorite film and it isn’t what you think

Rani Mukerji admits the name of all of the one film which she still holds dear to her heart

By Web Desk
June 13, 2020
Rani Mukerji reveals the her most favorite film to work on and it isn’t what you think

Rani Mukerji has had an extensive career in Bollywood which has spanned over 17 years. Withint this time, she made a name for herself on the basis of her talent and jaw-dropping beauty.

According to a report by IANS, Rani recently took a trip down memory lane, recalling her time in front of the camera.

During the course of her interview, she explained, "Working with Shah Rukh has been one of my favourite things! It was Shah Rukh's production and it was the first time I visited Greece -- Mykonos and Athens -- which is a fun memory.”

“The beautiful blue and white houses was a landscape I had not seen before. The island was just amazing to stay and shoot. Athens also has such stunning architecture, such heritage, and so many things that speak of history. We had a very nice outdoor during Chalte Chalte.”

The film Chalte Chalte reiterates the story of two love birds on the quest for marriage, however, in the midst of their journey; personal differences threaten to rip them apart.

Before signing off Rani claimed that the film’s success ended up enhancing the destination of the makeup and beauty community from then on. She credits this change to celebrity make-up artist Mickey Contractor.

"Mickey said, ‘Rani I want to do something new', and for me Mickey has been such a senior person in the make-up industry. He has seen me from ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai', so I trust Mickey blindly, he can do whatever he wants to do on my face. He said ‘I am doing something new Rani, do not freak out or be paranoid, this is something that I want to try'.”

"l said ‘of course', and that's when Mickey did the first smokey eyes and the rest is history! Today, everyone knows and does smokey eyes but back then, Mickey did it for the first time!"

She concluded by saying, "Everyone kind of adopted that style of make-up. I am glad that I went ahead. The makeup in Chalte Chalte has always been one of my favourites ever. Smokey eyes became something that I was synonymous with!"