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Bank of Punjab CEO Zafar Masud among two survivors of PIA plane crash

Hospital administration says Masud’s CT scan has been done and his condition is out of danger

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May 22, 2020

KARACHI: Bank of Punjab Chief Executive Officer Zafar Masud was among the two survivors after a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane crashed on Friday in a residential area near the metropolis' Jinnah International Airport.

Masud was among the 98 persons travelling in Karachi-bound PIA flight PK-8303 from Lahore, which crashed in the Jinnah Garden area near Model Colony in Malir almost a minute before landing.

It is still too early to say if there are more survivors from the tragedy, by the update has offered a glimmer of hope to rescue teams racing to save as many souls as they can.

The BOP president was shifted to the Darul Sehat Hospital after being recovered from the crash site and is reportedly out of danger. He spoke to his mother on the phone and informed her about his health.

Masud sustained fractures to his hip and collar bones, the Darul Sehat Hospital's administration said, adding that there were no burn marks on his body, only scratches.

According to the hospital administration, Masud’s CT scan had been done and he was out of danger. His brother was with him in the hospital.

Another survivor confirmed

Sindh government spokesperson Senator Murtaza Wahab later confirmed that there are two people who miraculously survived the crash.

The survivors' names "are Zafar Masood & Mohd Zubair" and "both are in stable condition", Wahab said on Twitter.

Sindh Education Minister Senator Saeed Ghani also visited the other survivor identified as Mohammad Zubair.

The survivor of the plane crash also gave a statement in which he said the plane started jolting before landing.

"The next moment there was a hard crash and I lost consciousness," said Zubair, adding that when he came woke up there was "smoke everywhere".

The hospital administration said Zubair faced minor injuries and was currently undertreatment at the burns ward.

Reports indicated that the plane's tail-end hit the ground first and that anyone who survived was seated in the front portion.