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How to start your own business in Pakistan: ‘Digital Youth Summit’ tells it all

How to start your own business in Pakistan: ‘Digital Youth Summit’ tells it all

September 30, 2019

PESHAWAR: That Pakistan’s start-up ecosystem is thriving in its initial stages is a fact undeniable, which is why conferences and seminars like the Digital Youth Summit (DYS) play a vital role.

A joint venture put forth by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa IT board in association with World Bank, the distinct conference held in Peshawar from 27 September to 29 September attracted a large number of start-up owners and entrepreneurs from across the country.

The conference is dedicated to empowering young tech and non-tech based start-ups since 2014 and has been providing ample opportunities by enabling them to connect with reputed influencers, investors, IT specialists and technologists, under one platform.

Amongst countless distinct start-ups that showcased potential at the DYS, was a start-up called ‘Octopus’ developed with an aim to educate school children on the subject of science through interactive videos. The start-up is not just unique for its exceptional concept, but also special because its idea was generated at DYS only back in 2018.

'Octopus' was launched in 2018 after receiving support at the Digital Youth Summit (DYS).

“Our start-up lays special emphasis on learning, specifically in the field of science. We make fun, easy-to-understand videos for young students because we believe science belongs to everyone,” Mohammad Dawood, founder of ‘Octopus’, revealed while talking to The News/Geo News.

“I was excited to attend this conference because our team gave birth to the start-up after seeking guidance at the same summit held last year. This year, we are here intend to expand our horizon and excel at what we do through DYS,” Dawood added.

Another start-up idea called ‘Eclisse’ - launched by engineering students in Peshawar - revolves around the concept of producing fragrances, which are adequately tested for men and women according to their preferences.

Launched some two years ago, the names of the fragrances resonate with the diverse culture of Pakistan, such as ‘Markhor’ and ‘Degree Celsius’.

“We are attending DYS to showcase our products to the rest of the country. The start-up culture in Peshawar, although nascent, is fairly catching on and evolving gradually, and conferences like these help the younger lot to a great deal as it inculcates in them the desire to launch their own business, rather than seek jobs. This in turn boosts the economy of the country,” Mian Yahya, founder of ‘Eclisse’, shared.

The Digital Youth Summit is Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s premier tech conference that enables the youth to explore the field of science and technology and make an impact on the rest of the world.