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Late Queen had objection to one major decision made by Camilla: 'nonsense'

After announcing their engagement in February 2005, Charles and Camilla married on April 9

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June 13, 2024
The Queen disclosed that she had given a specific warning to her future daughter-in-law
 The Queen disclosed that she had given a specific warning to her future daughter-in-law

It has been 19 years since King Charles and Queen Camilla celebrated their wedding. The royal couple exchanged vows in a civil ceremony near Windsor Castle, followed by a Service of Prayer and Dedication at St. George's Chapel.

During the latter ceremony, the Queen disclosed that she had given a specific warning to her future daughter-in-law.

Charles and Camilla's wedding ceremony was intimate, with only 28 guests in attendance, including the King's sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, and Camilla's children from her previous marriage to Andrew Parker Bowles, Tom Parker Bowles, and Laura Lopes.

Since both bride and groom had been married before, the Queen chose not to attend the civil ceremony, feeling it inappropriate as head of the Church of England. However, both she and Prince Philip showed their support by attending the Service of Prayer and Dedication and hosting a reception for the couple at Windsor Castle.

Camilla wore two wedding outfits that day. For the civil ceremony, she chose a cream silk chiffon dress. For the blessing, she opted for a unique gown designed by Robinson Valentine—an embroidered pale blue and gold coat over a matching chiffon gown, complemented by striking gold leaf feathers.

After the ceremony, as the newlyweds posed on the steps of St. George's Chapel, Camilla appeared to struggle with her headpiece in the wind. The Queen, standing behind them, observed her difficulties.

According to the Daily Mail, the monarch reportedly turned to her son and remarked: "I did warn her, wearing feathers."

Former royal butler Grant Harrold later spoke about Charles and Camilla's wedding - and shared how the late Queen helped celebrate her son's special day.

Grant worked within Charles' household for seven years between 2004 and 2011, and was a guest at the ceremony in Windsor on April 9, 2005.

Speaking to Guides for Brides, he revealed that the late monarch actually organised important wedding details on the day, from the flowers, to Charles and Camilla's wedding rings. And she even gave a comical speech at the newlywed couple's reception.

Grant said: "'The biggest misconception about the wedding is that the Queen didn't enjoy it or wasn't supportive, it's complete nonsense. There was talk about whether she would attend the service but her appearance at the reception was a joyful one.

"Her attendance and speech would have been seen as an olive branch to Charles and Camilla - her blessing of the marriage. The royals don't do things lightly and she would have not attended if she hadn't been happy to.

"The Queen was amazing at the wedding, she gave a very funny speech, she was really happy as was Prince Philip. I can't remember her exact words but she was funny. She compared their relationship to a Grand National horse race. She was a great comedian and had a way with words."