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Die Hard 2's Tom Bower breathes his last at 86

Tom Bower died in his sleep at his Los Angeles home on May 30, 2024

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June 07, 2024
Tom Bower dies after serving as an actor for 50 years
Tom Bower dies after serving as an actor for 50 years

Tom Bower died in his sleep at the age of 86 following an acting career of over 50 years.

The longtime actor’s sister-in-law Mary Miller confirmed the news to The Hollywood Reporter.

She said that Bower died in his sleep at his home in Los Angeles on May 30.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, the late actor’s representative Marsha McManus said: "I am sadly confirming. The three most important things in Tom’s life were: His wife Ursula. Acting was second. And third was his passion for other actors and contracts for fairness. He was an exceptional human being."

Bower, whose credits included janitor Marvin in Die Hard 2, The Office, and Grey’s Anatomy, rose to fame after he starred in a 1973 TV film.

He is known for his work in notable projects, including Nixon, North Country, Crazy Heart, The Rockford Files, The X-Files, The West Wing, Monk, and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Appearing in a 2022 interview with his former co-star Judy Norton, The Waltons’ actor said: "I asked for a very small raise, so they sent me to Pearl Harbor. Then, when they decided to bring the character back, washed up on a shore somewhere -- which I didn’t think was a great idea anyway -- I asked for the same small raise… They just cast a different actor."

For the unversed, Bower was married to Ursula for 51 years before she passed away in August 2023.