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Kenneth Mitchell ‘Star Trek’ alum dead at 49

Kenneth Mitchell, husband of actress Susan May Pratt was battling ailment for some time

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February 26, 2024
Kenneth Mitchell dies at 49
Kenneth Mitchell dies at 49

The Star Trek franchise lost a valuable member, as Kenneth Mitchell died.

Kenneth Mitchell, the star famous for roles in Star Trek: Discovery and Captain Marvel and also the husband of center stage actress Susan May Pratt, has passed away at the age 49, Feb. 24 in Los Angeles.

The actor lost the battle of life to chronic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS.

Mitchell is survived by his wife, their daughter Lilah, 16, and son Kallum, 11, along with his parents, brother and other family members, as per an obituary post on his Instagram Feb. 25.

"Ken was diligent and hardworking in everything he did, but as a father these traits found their fullest expression," it stated.

"He was extremely dedicated to being a positive and playful force in the lives of his children. Regardless of his later disabilities, Ken discovered a higher calling to be more fully himself for his kids. Ken will be forever proud of who his children have become."

The obituary also featured an essay by Mitchell himself, with the title "Connect."

"When I die, when I leave this life, I want to become a tree, a Ginko, White pine, Jacaranda, Lemon, Cedar, Oak, Myrtle or Maple," he wished.

"I want to be buried under the roots, so I can be soaked up, all my matter, my energy, my love, my laughter, my tears and I want to reach up through the branches and touch the night sky. I want to twinkle with the stars and when the earth turns, I want to feel the sun on the face of my leaves."