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Prince William, Harry carrying out Diana’s revenge against Queen Camilla?

Prince William, Harry are reportedly ‘intent’ on taking Diana’s revenge from Camilla

By Web Desk
December 01, 2022

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Sources believe Prince William and Prince Harry's dislike of Queen Camilla is reportedly making them carry out Princess Diana's revenge plot. 

This insight has been brought to light by an inside source close to Radar Online.

According to the outlet, “The Princes have grown to hate Camilla,” and thus “they want to destroy their father's love for her — and at the moment their plan is working.”

They also went on to note how the “boys’ meddling” was what contributed to them “having terrible trouble.”

Especially since Princess Diana also shared similar sentiments and “saw Camilla as the source of everything that had gone wrong in her life.”

“She believed she could have kept her marriage together if only 'that woman' had stepped out of her family circle.”

While the duo have remained cordial with their step-mother over the years, prior interviews hint towards a clash, one of which was caught by a reporter in 2000 where Prince William claimed,  "Why is this woman trying to replace our mother?" when "She can never take our mother's place and she shouldn't even try."