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Austin Butler wows fans with stylish Elvis move on ‘The Graham Norton Show’

Austin Butler taught his famous 'Elvis' move to 'Dancing on Ice’s Ashley Banjo

By Web Desk
February 04, 2023

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Austin Butler showed off his stylish Elvis move on the Graham Norton Show on Friday and left fans in awe.

Butler, 31, who received an Oscar nomination for his performance in Elvis Presly biopic, appeared on the BBC One programme beside Michelle Yeoh, Jack Lowden and Dancing on Ice’s Ashley Banjo.

During the interview, Ashely gushed over Butler’s stylish moves in the biopic and said, “I really want to learn that “side winder” move that you did in that clip, can you show me?”

“I saw it, and I was like, what is that move?” he added while admitting how much it would mean to him for Butler to teach him the move.

Austin Butler wows fans with stylish Elvis move on ‘The Graham Norton Show’

“But you’ve got the shoes for it,” the Elvis star replied as they both got up to take centre-stage, leaving the audience excited.

Butler stunned his fans as he swung his arms around and demonstrated with his feet, saying, “It’s hard on heels, because you always lose balance, but essentially…”

As Ashley tried to copy the move, Graham praised, “Beautiful!”

Elsewhere on the show, Butler shared that he has finally started to “get rid of the accent”.

“I have probably damaged my vocal cords with all that singing,” he claimed. “One song took 40 takes!”

Butler has received his first Academy Award nomination for his performance in Baz Luhrmann's Elvis.