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Prince Harry desperate to roll up sleeves and ‘change the narrative’

Prince Harry urged to turn towards more charitable endeavors instead of ‘speaking too much’

By Web Desk
April 03, 2023

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Royal experts have just weighed in on the growing need for Prince Harry to ‘roll up his sleeves’ and begin focusing more of his efforts to the charity work promised.

The conversation arose once a conversation arose on The Royal Report where the idea of ‘saying less’ was explored for the Sussexes.

the claims have been made by the Daily Mirror’s Associate Editor Russell Myers.

Harry was the absolute darling of the Royal Family for so many years, hugely respected and I think this constant talking that they’ve done whether it’s the Oprah interview, Netflix, and Harry’s book has really shown them in a different light.”

“Bring it back to the charity work that they’ve said they’ve concentrated on doing. I think realistically they need to capitalize on their great fame in order to try and change the narrative.”

“Because people have fallen out of love with them a little bit. I think people need to see them rolling their sleeves up, doing the charity work that they said, and try to forget the noise that surrounds themselves sometimes, but its easier said than done sometimes.