Monday December 04, 2023

Meghan Markle warned of 'make or break' decision coming her way

Meghan Markle was reportedly in the works of attempting to have a case thrown out

November 21, 2023
Meghan Markles half-sister Samantha Markle sued the Duchess of Sussex for her misleading comments
Meghan Markle's half-sister Samantha Markle sued the Duchess of Sussex for her misleading comments

Meghan Markle has been warned of a ‘make-or-break’ decision after her sister Samantha Markle’s lawyer expressed confidence ahead of a hearing which would reveal whether the former actress's past comments about her half-sibling were true.

Speaking to Newsweek, attorney Peter Ticktin explained why Samantha's pursuit to prove that the Duchess of Sussex’s comments damaged her ability to sell her book The Diary of Princess Pushy's Sister Part 1.

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He went on to add that the judge would likely favour Samantha given evidence proving that Meghan's past claims of not having a sibling were false.  

"I feel confident. Once I explained how and why Meghan did what she did, to discourage readers from reading Samantha's book which was titled with the name 'Princess Pushy' in it, the whole case made more sense.

"No matter which way Judge Honeywell decides, I am confident that she is being fair and thoughtful. I love it when I am before bright and fair judges."

This development comes after the November 8 hearing where lawyers from both ends battled out their sides while the Suits actress has applied to have the case thrown out. 

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Meghan had sat down for an interview with Oprah where she detailed that she "grew up as an only child". 

"Everyone who grew up around me knows, and I wished I had siblings," she said at the time.

Meghan's lawyers argued that the former actress' words were merely an expression about her childhood rather than claiming that Samantha was not her half-sister.